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A/Caircraft commander
AAAanti-aircraft artillery "Triple A"
AAAVAdvanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle
AADArmoured amphibious dozer
AAGAnti-aircraft gun
AAKAppliqué armor kit (US)
AANArmy after next
AAPCAdvanced Armoured Personnel Carrier (Turkey)
AARAfter Action Review
AARADCOMArmy Armament Research and Development Command
AAVAmphibious assault vehicle
AAVAssault Amphibious Vehicle
ABAir Burst
AB(C)Aviation battalion (combat)
ABCAtomic, biological, chemical (replaced by chemical, biological, radiological (CBR), and Nuclear, biological, chemical (NBC))
ABCAutomatic brightness control
ABITadvanced built-in test
ABMair bursting munition
ABManti-ballistic missile
ABMSair bursting ammunition system
ABROArmy Base Repair Organisation
ABSAww-Busting System
ABSanti-skid braking system
ABSVArmoured Battlegroup Support Vehicle
ACalternating current
ACAammunition container assembly
ACAVPAdvanced Composite Armoured Vehicle Platform (UK)
ACCEAbrams/Crusader Common Engine
ACCVArmored Cavalry Cannon Vehicle (US)
ACEArmored Combat Earthmover (US)
ACHAdvanced Combat Helmet (MICH TC-2000 Combat Helmet)
ACLOSAutomatic Command to Line of Sight
ACOGAdvanced Combat Optical Gunsight
ACPAutomatic Colt Pistol
ACRAdvanced Combat Rifle
ACRArmored cavalry regiment
ACRVArmoured command and reconnaissance vehicle
ACSArtillery communications system
ACUArmy combat uniform
ACVAardvark Cleaning Vehicle (US)
ACVArmoured combat vehicle
ACVTArmored Combat Vehicle Technology Program (US)
ADAair defense artillery
ADAMArea Denial Artillery Munition
ADAMSAir Defense Advanced Mobile System (US)
ADATSAir Defence Anti-Tank System
ADC-A[Fire and Maneuver]Assistant Division Commander
ADC-B[Combat Support]Assistant Division Commander
ADEAArmy Development and Employment Agency

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