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Military abbreviations Related All Meanings & Fullforms

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00ZCommand Sergeant Major Military Occupational Specialty designation
0KZero Killed
100BASE-T100 Megabits per second, Baseband, Twisted pair
100ID100th Infantry Division
101AD101st Airborne Division
102 RQS102nd Rescue Squadron
106 RQW106th Rescue Wing
10BASE-T10 Megabits per second, Baseband, Twisted pair
11AD11th Airborne Division
11BMilitary Occupational Specialty for Infantryman
11zCommand Sergeant Major Military Occupational Specialty code
121ARW121st Air Refueling Wing
129 RQW129th Rescue Wing
12NHorizontal Construction Engineer
12 WVITwelvth West Virginia Infantry Regiment
13AD13th Airborne Division
13BMilitary Occupational Specialty code for Cannon Artilleryman
13 SCVI13th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry Regiment
147FA147th Field Artillery Regiment
15MG15 Militia Group
1-68 AR1st Battalion, 68th Armor Regiment
17AD17th Airborne Division
180FA180th Field Artillery Regiment
189FA189th Field Artillery Regiment
1BCTFirst Brigade Combat Team
1CAV1st Cavalry Division
1CD1st Cavalry Division
1F3Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Team 1, 3rd Platoon
1LTFirst Lieutenant
1MCGeneral Announcing System
1MX1st Battalion The Middlesex Regiment
1NCD1st Naval Construction Division
1S1KOne Shot, One Kill
1SGFirst Sergeant
1ST IOC1st Information Operations Command
1 WVIFirst West Virginia Infantry Regiment
1WVI1st West Virginia Infantry Regiment
1WVLA1st West Virginia Light Artillery Regiment
201MIB201st Military Intelligence Battalion
20SCVI20th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry Regiment
21CLW21st Century Land Warrior
21CLWTLD21st Century Land Warrior Top Level Demonstration
24 MEU24th Marine Expeditionary Unit
24NAF24th Numbered Air Force
26PEMR26th Pennsylvania Emergency Militia Regiment
278 ACR278th Armored Cavalry Regiment
2AD2nd Armored Division
2ERole 2 Enhanced
2ICSecond In Command

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